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Agkistrodon halys

Basic information:

Chinese name:蝮蛇
Latin name:Gloydius brevicaudus

English name: Agkistrodon halys, Mamushi Pit Viper



These are the Chinese Mamushi (Gloydius brevicaudus), or we call them the “FuShe” (the Common pit viper). different most snakes is ovoviviparous. The pattern and the color of these snakes is not quite attractive when compare with many other pit vipers that I have kept. But I like this species. They are easy to keep as they are not very fussy about their food, and the size won’t be too large (the maximum length of this species is not excess 1 m).


Geographic range

Domestic distribution in Beijing, tianjin, hebei, liaoning, Shanghai, jiangsu, zhejiang, anhui, fujian, Taiwan, jiangxi, short tail viper distribution area
Hubei, hunan, sichuan, chongqing, guizhou, shaanxi, gansu. Foreign distribution in the Korean peninsula. Short tail viper life in the plains, hills, low mountains or town of farming fields, gulley edge and FenQiu, bushes, highly-efficient water-powered device and the bushes, more tortuous lumps, such as shit kind, it is "shit volume" and "shit Fu," said. Viper is morning and night sex snakes, morning and evening activities frequently. The feeding habits is very broad, is the polytrophic snakes, freshwater fish, frogs, lizards, birds, rodents, etc are viper favorite food, this snake also have food snake habit. Reproductive way as this, the annual 5 ~ 6 months



The toxicity of the Mamushi isn’t very high (LD50 2.0 mg/kg, the toxicity is slightly higher than the common Bamboo pit viper in my country). However, yes, we shouldn’t under-estimate their potential. The Mamushi will be quite agile when threatened. The venom has both haemotoxin and neurotoxin property.


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