Snake Venom/Scorpion Venom/Spider venom

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We are the largerst venom bank in China. include Snake venom, Spider venom and Scorpion venom. the all venoms available for research and pharmaceutical uses.

Snake venom:

Deinagkistrodon acutus ( Agkistrodon acutus venom)-----Blood circulation toxin

Naja atra (Chinese Cobra venom)-----Mixed toxin

Ophiophagus hannah ( Cobra king venom )-----Mixed toxin

Daboia russelii ( Russell's viper venom)-----Blood circulation toxin

Gloydius brevicaudus ( Agkistrodon halysr venom) -----Blood circulation toxin

Bungarus multicinctus ( Narrow-banded krait venom ) -----neuro toxin

Bungarus fasciatus venom ( Banded krait venom ) -----neuro toxin

Trimeresurus stejnegeri ( Medoggreenpit-viper venom ) -----Blood circulation toxin


Spider venom:

Ornithoctonus huwenum venom

Ornithoctonus hainana venom

Macrothele raueni venom

Chilobrachys guangxiensis venom


Scorpion venom:

Scorpionidae ( Buthus martensii Karsch venom )


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